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grr service roofing and restoration service


 Servicing Dallas Fort Worth Metropolitan Area

100% Finance

Working With All Insurance Companies


Serving communities across the nation with over 35 years of combined experience, GRR SERVICES is the trusted choice among commercial property owners and homeowners for world-class roofing & restoration services. Led by a team of top-tier roofing professionals, we deliver industry-leading solutions, insurance assistance, large-scale project management, and superior craftsmanship. With emergency response teams in place, GRR SERVICE can provide quick roofing services to hotels, resorts, condominiums, apartment complexes, churches, restaurants, retail, office, industrial buildings & more. In addition to commercial roofing, our residential roofing teams are second-to-none. It's an honor to serve you. Learn more about our core values.


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Great Financing Programs Available

Fixing Roofs

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grr service roofing and restoration service




Great Financing Programs Available

  •  Roof Leaks

  •  Hail Damage

  •  Wind Damage

  •  Missing Shingles

  •  Broken Tiles

  •  Ponding Water

  •  Flashing Leaks

  •  Roof Punctures

  •  Blow-offs Blistering

  •  Heat Shrinkage

  •  Hurricane Damage

  •  Tornado Damage

  •  Flood Damage

  •  Water Damage

  •  Fire Damage

  •  Tree Damage

  •  Ice Dam Leaks

  •  Ceiling Leaks

  •  Gutter Problems

  •  Improper Installation

  •  Roof Degradation

  •  Insurance Claims

  •  Window Door Leaks

  •  Siding Damage

  •  Attic Ventilation

  •  Facility Damage

  •  Sheetrock Damage

  •  Decks & Stairways

  •  Emergency Roof Seal

We provide Turn-key solutions for complex Services

Who We Serve

grr service roofing and restoration service

Commercial Property Owners

Emergency roofing teams standing by. You need a specialist that understands the unique requirements for your commercial roof. Factory-trained expertise combined with second-to-none customer service.

Red Roof Tiles

Residential Properties

We have one of the most experienced and highest quality roofing teams in the country.

Let us help with a fast, efficient repair or replacement of your roof.


Historical Property Owners

With decades of experience in roof repair for historical properties, our team can restore your roof to its original breathtaking beauty using the highest quality slate and tile products on the planet.

Roofers Texas

GRR SERVICE is a professional roofing contractor serving residential and commercial property owners in Texas

We want to be your chosen roofer when you need Texas roofing services, including: roof inspections, roof repair, roof replacement, restoration services.

Grrs offered: residential roofing company, church roofing company, resort roofing company, apartment complex roofing company, hotel roofing company, restaurant roofing company, historical property roofing company, office building roofing company, industrial roofing company, warehouse roofing company, condo roofing company, storm damage roofing company, hail damage roofing company.

How to select a Texas roofer: ONE - Check to make sure the roofing company is licensed, bonded and insured in your state. TWO - Ensure the roofing company has the experience and know-how to install your type of roof. THREE - Ensure the roofing company has the ability and resources to manage complex roofing projects. FOUR - Ensure the roofing company can help you with your roof insurance claim.

100% Finance

Working With All Insurance Companies

Great Financing Programs Available

Roof Inspection Services Texas

If you are concerned that about a leaking roof, contact us for a no obligation roof inspection. We will give your roof a thorough property damage assessment and provide a roof damage report. 

Don't leave your roof inspection to an inexperienced roofer. Some roofs can be damaged just by walking on them. We use drone technology to take photographs and video of hard-to-reach places. And we will meet with your insurance adjuster onsite to review damage documentation and project requirements, helping you through the insurance claims process.

Roof Repair Services Texas

Is your roof leaking? After a thorough inspection, GRR Services will locate the roof leak and provide a professional roof repair.

We fix the following types of roof problems: roof hail damage, roof wind damage, missing shingles, missing roof tiles, missing roof sections, nail head leaks, roof penetration leaks, roof vent leaks, vent pipe flashing leaks, roof drainage problems, ponding water, overflowing gutters, chimney leaks, skylight leaks, leaking flat roof, attic leaks.

As a full-service restoration contractor, we also provide: disaster response, fire damage, water removal, siding, stucco, windows, doors, interior damage repair, drywall, sheetrock, remodeling.

If you need repair or replacement services for your flat roof, give us a call. GRR SERVICE  flat roof repair and flat roof installation services are second-to-none. We can repair your flat roof in Texas.

Roofing Services Texas

If your Texas roof is not able to be repaired, we will offer a roof replacement solution, installing a new roof that is specifically designed for your area, and that meets or exceeds the latest local building codes.

Commercial roofing systems in : TPOmetal roofing, standing seam metal, ribbed metal, stone-coated steel, flat,tileslateshrink wrap, roof coatings, silicone, torch down, modified bitumen SBS, EPDM, BUR, PVC, asphalt shingle, copper.

Residential roofing systems in Texas: architectural shingle, 3-tab shingle, 50-year shingle, asphalt shingle, tile, slate, copper, roll roofing, wood shake, composite, metal roofing, shrink wrap.

grr service roofing and restoration service

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100% Finance

Working With All Insurance Companies

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